is the world's best self updating and managed mobile detection platform

Launched in January 2011, is the world's first automated source for identifying mobile browsers and redirecting websites, QR codes and applications to the appropriate mobile content. was designed to provide an easy to manage and self-updating tool to mobile developers and enterprise organizations. provides a complete portal interface to allow you to manage your multiple mobile redirect options, as well as provide mobile marketing tools to help you get the most out of your mobile websites, and application content. consists of the world's most comprehensive mobile device database that is constantly updated and verified in order to allow developers and mobile content providers to focus on delivering content and not on mobile browser detection. is available in a number of different product offerings ranging from hosted single user license to non-hosted enterprise solutions.

Unlike some redirect resources, we provide you an experienced mobile professional to talk to. We can also provide assisted integration of your mobile projects and redirect code. Get started today and let us help you manage your mobile redirect. makes managing mobile easy.