is the world's best self updating and managed mobile detection platform provides self updating and managed redirect code to ensure your mobile users are redirected easily and efficiently. With you get more than just redirect code you get a complete mobile portal and interface to allow you to control your mobile redirect and marketing initiatives.

Redirect devices and more including:
  • iPhone- Android, BlackBerry, Windows, iPad, tablets
  • QR codes
  • NFC codes
  • Mobile marketing pages
  • GEO location redirect

Single License

Redirect mobile devices from one website.

Multi License

Redirect mobile devices for up to five websites.
Our redirect is updated daily to ensure all new phones, models and Operating systems are redirecting properly. For Enterprise customers with multiple redirects on mobile website and applications we provide a comprehensive enterprise-level user interface and integrated mobile detection solution.

Key Features

  • Provides automated updates of mobile phones and user agent data
  • Easy to configure multisite mobile redirection for iPhone, Blackberry, Android and more than 500 other mobile phones
  • 20 minute integration and setup

Key Benefits

  • Simple to install, deploy and manage so you can get up and running quickly and focus on running your business
  • Fast install and performance provide minimal productivity impact and reduces overhead
  • Full management platform to manage one or many mobile products
  • Full mobile marketing platform that includes QR codes, SMS systems, mobile banner ad management and more